Our Summer Teachers have included...

Each summer we enjoy a diverse collection of guest and staff teachers including some of our own Dream Team alumni! All offer our dancers valuable exposure to a wide range of dance styles. Take a look at a partial list of those that have joined us in the past - many of whom are likely to be returning this year!


Jennifer Amerding/Tap, Jazz

(Boston Tap Company)


Members of Angkor Dance/Classical Cambodian


Jenna Bach/Contemporary



Laura Caira/Leaps & Turns, Jazz



Audra Carabetta/Contemporary

(Weber Dance, Lorraine Chapman Co., Brian Crabtree & Dancers) 


Tina Cassidy/Ballet

(AD, Northern Ballet Dance Theatre)


Sarah Cook /Pre-school, Primary, Hip Hop & Theatre Dance

(Alumni, Former Assistant Director, ADD )


Ann Donohue/Ballet, Modern,Contemporary



Chantal Doucett/Contemporary



Susan Edson/Contemporary

(co-director Dance Studio of Wakefield)


Liane Fisher/Classical Ballet

(Artistic Dir - Fisher Academy of Ballet & Dance. Royal Ballet, Boston Ballet)


Joe Gonazlez/Comtemporary

(Prometheus, co-director Jo-Me' Dance)


Sean Fielder

(Founder & Artistic Director - Boston Tap Company)


Vanessa Guiterrez/Latin

(Rumba y Timbal, Portland Ballet)


Chris Hatem/Tap

(NE Dance Champion)


Julie Hebb/Classical Ballet

(Rebecca Kelley Ballet, Impulse Dance Co.)


Brian Henninger/Hip Hop

(Excel In Motion teaching tour)


Sasha Iman

(Josepth & The Amazing Technicolor Dream tour)


Kai Le/Hip Hop

(Founder - 5th Element)


Tabitha Liversidge/Classical Ballet & Contemporary

(Deadfall Dance, Urbanity)


Bethany Louisos/Modern

(Alumni, Woman's Works, Collective Motions, Bell and Buoy Physical Theatre)


Shawn Mahoney/Ballet

(Twlya Tharp, Emerson Faculty)


Olga Marchenko/Ballet

(Moscow City Ballet)


Rocky Mendes/Rhythm Tap

(Staff Alumni & Apprentice to the legend Dr. Jimmy Slyde)


Joey Mirabile/Theatre Dance

(SSC, Choreographer)


Dan Mitra/Tap

(Broadway Dance Center)


Ada Moisescu/Rhythmic Gymnastics

(ranked US Jr National Team)


Smaranda Moisescu/Rhythmic Gymnastics

(Artistic Director - Rhythmic Dreams)


Gene Murray/Classical Ballet

(Former Aritstic Director - The Gene Murray School)


KelliAnn Nave/Lyrical, Jazz & Theatre Dance

(Director - Landmark Dance)


Members of Naravasa Dance/Classical and Contemporary Indian and Bollywood


Kelsey Nestor/Modern, Ballet, Contemporary

(Alumni, Boston Cannons Dancer)


Wendy O'Byrne/Contemporary

(founding direcor Contemporarily Out of Order)


Professor Clare O'Donnell/Rhythm Tap

(Artistic Director - O'D n Tap Company)


Suzanne Perdue/Leaps & Turns, Jazz

(Video, tv & film credits include: Michael Jackson & Paual Abdul)


Krisann Raposa/Performance Make-Up Application

(Freelance Professional Make-Up Artist)


Melissa Powers/Lyrical, Jazz, Tap

(ADD Staff & NE Dance Champion)


Katie Proulx /Ballet, Theatre Dance

(Idaho Shakespeare)


Roseann Ridings/Classical Ballet

(Boston Ballet, Copley Square Ballet, former dir. Cambridge School of Ballet)


Sarah Rose/Contemporary, Leaps & Turns

(Alumni, Megan Lynn Asterial Dance)


Neil Schwartz/Hip Hop

(Broadway Dance Center)


Shaina Schwartz (Tap, Modern/Contemporary)

(Boston Tap Co, founder Touche' Taps)


Bronwyn Simms/Partner Acrobatics & Contortion

(founder - Strong Coffee Stage)


Cheri Spencer/Tap

(ADD Staff & NE Dance Champion)


Krista Sumski/Kickline & Hip Hop

(Alumni, UConn Championship Kickline Team)


Tony Tucker/Hip Hop

(BoSoma Dance)


Beth Wheeler /Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro/Contortion

(Director - A Dancer's Dream)


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